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Zero point is a witchcraft podcast starting at square 1...the basics of witchcraft.
It is intended for mature audiences only as it contains graphic subject matter.
Each show runs approximately 30 minutes.

Show Schedule
Saturday Nights at 7pm Central/8pm Eastern.

Current Episode

Episode #: 10
Title: Majikal Places & Sacred Spaces II
Description: Tonight at 7pm central, be sure to tune in to Zero Point for Part 2 of majikal places and sacred spaces.
We'll be discussing further aspects to consider when setting up a workspace. The etymology and differences when employing an altar as opposed to a table, and why it matters.
We're also going to discuss majikal plantings at an area, be they hedges, coverings or incorporated into builds and structures as majikally practical as well as a means of environmentally
friendly pest control...Directionals/"watchtowers" sentinels and guards. physical attaching (stones, statuary, or something small.) What "calling the corners" is and why it's effective.
How calling the corners is more than just spewing a few words. Prying eyes and how to ward with illusions.
***Please be advised: I am not a medical professional. The opinions and experiences expressed in this podcast are my own.

These podcasts are downloadable for personal use only.

length time:1:15:44

Show Archive
When new shows air, previous ones are placed here.

Ep. 1 Introduction 11/21/20
Ep. 2 Meditation & Contemplation 11/28/20
Ep. 3 Wards & Words 12/5/20
Ep.4 Naming, Sigils & Servitors 12/12/20
Ep. 5 Grimoires & Books of Shadows 12/19/2020
Ep. 6 Celebrations 12/26/20
Ep. 7 Familiars 1/2/21
Ep. 8 Moon Phases 1/9/21
Ep. 9 Majikal Place & Sacred Spaces 1/16/21

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